To my longest fastest friend, I am glad you are about to eat shit and die …

Dear 2019 My longest fastest friend. You have been a physical, mental, emotional and political pain in my ass. You stayed too long and vanished too fast. You came too hard and we dreamed you’d end. You were born yesterday and today you are finally close to your final days. You are one of the... Continue Reading →

One night only: chapter three

In times like these were all that we feel can be defined under the umbrella of pure joy, time is either our friend or our enemy. When one feels her heart pumping blood ferociously sending electricity throughout the body, triggered by the dexterity and lightening from the fingers of a man aiming to please - time also... Continue Reading →

One night: Chapter two

I was shaking. I was shivering and I was scared. I sat in my flat as I saw the clock tick, my palms getting sweaty, my heart beating at my throat and my mind calculating the many reasons why I should probably start seeing a therapist or something because clearly, I am out of my... Continue Reading →

Do I really love you that much?

The bed and my chest should be inseparable, my fingers grasping harder into the sheets with each plough, My ass high and presented to you like a birthday cake, glazed and glistening, exotic oils reflecting your fire upon my golden skin, let your fingers dig into my skin as you drive me upon your vine,... Continue Reading →

mírame – look at me

look at me, look at me with utter adulation, look at me with love, see something deeper, something i cant see but that only you can see and that only you can identify as a rarity It’s desperate, it’s sad, it’s pathetic, I just need you to look at me. Look at me please and... Continue Reading →

You choose

amor o miedo de estar solo? These words engrave every word my lips utter these days. 'Amor o miedo de estar solo? Love or fear of being alone?" No holy water can cleanse my mouth of the life I purport to be true when it's only fallacious. No words can tempt to answer this question... Continue Reading →

Winter is coming

The moments money cannot buy. laying skin to skin, with nothing to hide. Watching the flames of the chimney in content silence. It's winter the moments money cannot purchase.

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