You behind the curtain

I deliberately opened my curtain and left the lace hanging there. I can hear the drills going in which I know you are working. There are some hydraulics and large thuds, I have to say you have built this building into a beautiful work of architecture. I don't know you nor do I know your... Continue Reading →

Vision 20/20

We've anticipated 2020's arrival, and it's here. Spend it like there won't be any other year to come. Every one is the 365 days - make sure they count. One thing I learned from the last year is - set reasonable expectations otherwise you are set to be disappointed at the end. Remember, you can... Continue Reading →

One night only: chapter three

In times like these were all that we feel can be defined under the umbrella of pure joy, time is either our friend or our enemy. When one feels her heart pumping blood ferociously sending electricity throughout the body, triggered by the dexterity and lightening from the fingers of a man aiming to please - time also... Continue Reading →

One night: Chapter two

I was shaking. I was shivering and I was scared. I sat in my flat as I saw the clock tick, my palms getting sweaty, my heart beating at my throat and my mind calculating the many reasons why I should probably start seeing a therapist or something because clearly, I am out of my... Continue Reading →

A series of the word fuck

Do you wanna know just how fucked up life can be, or at least how it can really fucking suck at times? There's goes... So you wanna fuck somebody that won't fuck you or doesn't want to fuck you, which makes you feel unfuckable while you fully know there is someone who would die to... Continue Reading →

the cigarette

For the cigarette... I watched you pull a box from your jeans, Snap it open and pull one out not so eagerly and yet not so gentle For the cigarette... I watched you light it up, your lips grasping tight at it, your big hands lighting it up with a gold etched lighter, 'Cause of... Continue Reading →

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