One night only: Chapter six

One thing I've always admired about myself is how fast I get over men. They come take a peak and leave and I somehow prepare myself to remember that they were once here and now they are gone. Completely turn my heart dark and cold and as I laid there on the bed naked. Flat... Continue Reading →

One night only: Chapter five

Like a freshly baked cake, I served my ass up to his face as he continued to touch and squeeze it. I enjoyed his hands on my body, they made every part of me feel rejuvenated and aroused all my senses. But even I knew, I didn't want to have sex with him right at... Continue Reading →


Deep in my wet and tender walls, caress my clit before you slip inside, slither you’re vine upon my flower let her know you are about to spread her open dive inside my river of wellness, conjure a welcome from my mouth, change the way i breath and hold me to your mouth, where I... Continue Reading →

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