A night like this.

Nights like these, Naked under sheets Skin on skin Legs tangled together, Lips kissing, Head on your chest, your heart is beating The rhythm a lullaby of nights like these Held tight in your arms, Observing the moon, watching the stars, looking into our eyes A simple night full of passion I crave a night... Continue Reading →

Dear Adam: sleepless nights

Sometimes I lay at night and wonder about you. Recent events, the pandemic and all has actually took many of my nights with unhealthy thoughts and mindless wondering. The world is a funny place, in many of my days I feel like no one outside of my family cares about me. But considering I care... Continue Reading →

One night only: Chapter six

One thing I've always admired about myself is how fast I get over men. They come take a peak and leave and I somehow prepare myself to remember that they were once here and now they are gone. Completely turn my heart dark and cold and as I laid there on the bed naked. Flat... Continue Reading →

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