the cigarette

For the cigarette, I watched you pull a box from your jeans, Snap it open and pull one out not so eagerly and yet not so gentle For the cigarette I watched you light it up, your lips grasping tight at it, your big hands lighting it up with a gold etched lighter, Cause of... Continue Reading →

mírame – look at me

look at me, look at me with utter adulation, look at me with love, see something deeper, something i cant see but that only you can see and that only you can identify as a rarity It’s desperate, it’s sad, it’s pathetic, I just need you to look at me. Look at me please and... Continue Reading →

helping Mark get his wife back

Mark and I had been talking over the emails for some time. He was a genuine guy who was (un)fortunately still in love with a woman he married when he was young. I asked him why she's stopped loving him and he said she always blames it on her career and her workload. She comes... Continue Reading →

this One Man

There is a recurring series of pictures in my head. A vision I could say or something more transcendent than just a just a vision. Because I feel it. Not really feel it but I yearn for its reality. It's been haunting me for days, coming in different ways. One minute it's a dance against... Continue Reading →

your Lips against mine

My lips dare not to feel forlorn in your presence, Each second disappears like it never existed in the real of your love I cry for more time for you to savour my lips Taste them, bite them, suck them Sloppy seconds and sloppy kisses Leave 'em all swelled up with your passion Time never... Continue Reading →

the Strip meal

Let's play a game. We take our clothes off with every meal we eat tonight and the outcome of the game is no one is allowed to touch the other, we'll watch tv - Mr and Mrs Smith tonight. I have cooked. A three course meal. The rule is we wear very simple. And we... Continue Reading →

sunday 11th; mothers Day

At twelve midnight I felt him slide into the sheets. Like many time's he had stayed till late at Work - the perks of running a multi-million business. We women who marry these moguls we appear Happy materialistically but really we spend days and nights hopping to see our husbands walk in before dark. I... Continue Reading →

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