My elixir

You live and breath between a layer of my skin, crawl like a spider under my skin, awakening every sense in my body. eliciting a desire so unquestionably strong, A pull to ecstasy, Like a promise whispered in my ears with your lips grazing on my skin, lust laced with love and affection, The elixir... Continue Reading →


My world is a one way same old life, plain fields and empty roads with a speed limit of 5mile per hour. I need a ride to a world only you can take me to, a world where the sun shines brighter, the flowers grow bigger and the road looks longer, where no other will... Continue Reading →

One night only: chapter three

In times like these were all that we feel can be defined under the umbrella of pure joy, time is either our friend or our enemy. When one feels her heart pumping blood ferociously sending electricity throughout the body, triggered by the dexterity and lightening from the fingers of a man aiming to please - time also... Continue Reading →

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