My elixir

You live and breath between a layer of my skin, crawl like a spider under my skin, awakening every sense in my body. eliciting a desire so unquestionably strong, A pull to ecstasy, Like a promise whispered in my ears with your lips grazing on my skin, lust laced with love and affection, The elixir... Continue Reading →

Throw me a bone at least!

#truestory I'm enjoying sharing these cause there's not a lot of action 😉 going on these days. So, there is a guy I happened to start chatting with literally on the first day of the lockdown. I did worry what that was going to be like because to be honest I am not a good... Continue Reading →

You behind the curtain

I deliberately opened my curtain and left the lace hanging there. I can hear the drills going in which I know you are working. There are some hydraulics and large thuds, I have to say you have built this building into a beautiful work of architecture. I don't know you nor do I know your... Continue Reading →

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