Morning Bliss

I like the sound of my pussy in the morning, all warm and wet as my fingers slip in as I work an urge that woke me up, the pulsing between my legs, the tenderness as I caress and tease my clit. I love my scent as I bring my fingers to my mouth, suck... Continue Reading →

You behind the curtain

I deliberately opened my curtain and left the lace hanging there. I can hear the drills going in which I know you are working. There are some hydraulics and large thuds, I have to say you have built this building into a beautiful work of architecture. I don't know you nor do I know your... Continue Reading →


Deep in my wet and tender walls, caress my clit before you slip inside, slither you’re vine upon my flower let her know you are about to spread her open dive inside my river of wellness, conjure a welcome from my mouth, change the way i breath and hold me to your mouth, where I... Continue Reading →

One night only: chapter three

In times like these were all that we feel can be defined under the umbrella of pure joy, time is either our friend or our enemy. When one feels her heart pumping blood ferociously sending electricity throughout the body, triggered by the dexterity and lightening from the fingers of a man aiming to please - time also... Continue Reading →

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