mírame – look at me

look at me, look at me with utter adulation, look at me with love, see something deeper, something i cant see but that only you can see and that only you can identify as a rarity It’s desperate, it’s sad, it’s pathetic, I just need you to look at me. Look at me please and... Continue Reading →


Men: the beginning of trying to understand why I like men…

There are some men who just know how to touch a woman. The way their hands sit on her body like they are touching the sky, how every movement is unprecedentedly witty. How their hands make you wish you were the woman they were touching. Sometimes I come across videos, not pornographic or even just... Continue Reading →

You choose

amor o miedo de estar solo? These words engrave every word my lips utter these days. 'Amor o miedo de estar solo? Love or fear of being alone?" No holy water can cleanse my mouth of the life I purport to be true when it's only fallacious. No words can tempt to answer this question... Continue Reading →

Winter is coming

The moments money cannot buy. laying skin to skin, with nothing to hide. Watching the flames of the chimney in content silence. It's winter the moments money cannot purchase.

This craving

A lustre burns between the layers of my skin Gripping and yearning for something you instil in me For your calloused hard working hands to touch deeper than just the surface Your lambert eyes to burn into mine For my body to be yours and yours mine, Your voice mine and mine yours For our... Continue Reading →

Come in my mouth

Come in to my mouth Lay back and let me quench my thirst with your vine Touch you with immense adulation, feel you grow inside my grip. Let me stroke your hard cock from the root to the tip. Lay it flat on your stomach and lick the vein while our eyes dare not disconnect.... Continue Reading →


Contentment. Sometimes it's like a bathtub full of water without bubbles or a sweet scented bath foam. You sit in the water and say 'I am happy I have a bath tub full of water' and yet you know you are not satisfied. Contentment. I live, breath and walk and I eat and sleep under... Continue Reading →

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