My mind’s visitor

I busy myself with the world in order to forget you, Your confusion puzzles me your silence off puts me and I really do forget you sometimes. But you make a habit of visiting my mind, Exist in my life only temporary, You're here but not here like a fantasy, When you enter, you strip... Continue Reading →

Sweet little things

When I close my eyes, I envision us, in what I’d define a sweet little haven. Each day it’s different, and today... Credit: @oh_kristinka It’s us. in the shower. together. Skin to skin, water washing the day’s fatigue, As if we are kissing under the rain, your hands on my face, running down my body,... Continue Reading →

Your cock: On my mind…

... your cock, beautiful and glistening in the light of the moon glazed in juices, staring me in the eye, daring me. ... it’s the way the tip of my tongue will fleek like the tail of a snack on the head while my eyes, leer up at you and tell you a tale of... Continue Reading →

Let me enjoy you

You must understand, i do not look at you like an object, I don’t calculate your value according to the phallus between your legs, I calculate your value as a whole, to be one with you. Therefore allow me the honor to enjoy you, Let me tend to your body’s needs, reach places rarely explored,... Continue Reading →

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