Daddy, I’m yours

Talking nasty And whispering sweet Kissing sexy And touching rough Toss me on your bed I am under your mercy Rough and stern Stretch my legs wide Show me your hunger for me Lascivious giggles And teasing tones Fill me in tight I beg You spank me You're so bad I like it Rough and... Continue Reading →

Dear Adam: ice cream 🍦

You remind me of a moment in my life when I was a child. I will use this to describe how I feel about you. There was always that one kid whose parents could afford to buy a cone ice cream for. I who couldn't afford it had to then grovel for at least a... Continue Reading →

One night only: Chapter Four

Ever wondered why people like to be high? The feeling of euphoria, escapism from earth to a planet scientist can't even put into words. It's not explosions, it's not combustions and earthquakes, it's a different kind of peace, a different kind of high. Infused by his scent, his warm breath hitting my lips every time... Continue Reading →


My world is a one way same old life, plain fields and empty roads with a speed limit of 5mile per hour. I need a ride to a world only you can take me to, a world where the sun shines brighter, the flowers grow bigger and the road looks longer, where no other will... Continue Reading →

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