Abandonment issues

I know You'll leave... Eventually Everybody leaves Eventually I dread the day you'll leave Because I can smell it I know the feeling The warning The signs. Trust and believe; You will leave... Eventually. I know this, because I am already grieving you Unfortunately, I will live in a state of grief While I wait... Continue Reading →

A night like this.

Nights like these, Naked under sheets Skin on skin Legs tangled together, Lips kissing, Head on your chest, your heart is beating The rhythm a lullaby of nights like these Held tight in your arms, Observing the moon, watching the stars, looking into our eyes A simple night full of passion I crave a night... Continue Reading →


I have put you through hell and you have carried me through the worst of all emotions mental and physical wars. I encouraged a fight with you, allowed my mind to maliciously label you wrong and unattractive driven by the society's negative eye and yet you carried me through the storms. Your beautiful skin, that... Continue Reading →

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