An exotic woman

She doesn't have to open her mouth to say anything, she doesn't have to speak a certain way or walk a certain or dress a certain way, she doesn't even try that hard but she is so exotic. She exudes this sexual energy and looks otherworldly and different. ordinary but not ordinary. I want to... Continue Reading →

Saucy little humiliation

#truestory I am happy to say I was part of the people that caused the percentage of sex toys sold to increase since the lockdown. I bought one I saw on groupon and it would have been my first vibrating dildo. I am in a moment where I haven't slept with anyone for a good... Continue Reading →


My world is a one way same old life, plain fields and empty roads with a speed limit of 5mile per hour. I need a ride to a world only you can take me to, a world where the sun shines brighter, the flowers grow bigger and the road looks longer, where no other will... Continue Reading →

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