Daddy, I’m yours

Talking nasty And whispering sweet Kissing sexy And touching rough Toss me on your bed I am under your mercy Rough and stern Stretch my legs wide Show me your hunger for me Lascivious giggles And teasing tones Fill me in tight I beg You spank me You're so bad I like it Rough and... Continue Reading →

Dating as a curvy woman.

It's about the most confusing thing I've faced and I don't know what is right and what isn't. Here's why. Nobody looks at you like just any ordinary girl. Like they want to know you, your face, your twinkling eyes and all that cute shit that every woman has. And when I say ordinary girl,... Continue Reading →

Morning Bliss

I like the sound of my pussy in the morning, all warm and wet as my fingers slip in as I work an urge that woke me up, the pulsing between my legs, the tenderness as I caress and tease my clit. I love my scent as I bring my fingers to my mouth, suck... Continue Reading →

One night only: Chapter six

One thing I've always admired about myself is how fast I get over men. They come take a peak and leave and I somehow prepare myself to remember that they were once here and now they are gone. Completely turn my heart dark and cold and as I laid there on the bed naked. Flat... Continue Reading →

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