A night like this.

Nights like these, Naked under sheets Skin on skin Legs tangled together, Lips kissing, Head on your chest, your heart is beating The rhythm a lullaby of nights like these Held tight in your arms, Observing the moon, watching the stars, looking into our eyes A simple night full of passion I crave a night... Continue Reading →

Mind fuck

After a night with him in your arms, You lay on your bed feeling as though something is missing, with your phone right next to you, jumping to every notification hoping it's him but knowing it's most likely not him. It's a mind fuck, looking back to the night, slide by slide page by page... Continue Reading →

Throw me a bone at least!

#truestory I'm enjoying sharing these cause there's not a lot of action 😉 going on these days. So, there is a guy I happened to start chatting with literally on the first day of the lockdown. I did worry what that was going to be like because to be honest I am not a good... Continue Reading →

Morning Bliss

I like the sound of my pussy in the morning, all warm and wet as my fingers slip in as I work an urge that woke me up, the pulsing between my legs, the tenderness as I caress and tease my clit. I love my scent as I bring my fingers to my mouth, suck... Continue Reading →

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