Lovely gift – new sex toy

So as I said in my previous post get to know me, I now have a social media career that has introduced me to a lot of new brands and a lot of new things.

I have recently worked with one of the best and well-known sex toy companies in the UK called lovehoney. I had a lingerie shoot with them and after that they sent me a gift.

My career on social media is not anything like onlyfans LOL, it is a plus size empowerment, self love and body positivity plus fashion type of thing. So because this is a saucy gift I received from a saucy sex toy company. In fact I buy all of my toys from this company. I have bought cute lingerie pieces for a lingerie party, a dick appointment and for a lot of sexy things and it is such an honour to be able to work with them to be honest.

So I thought I would share with you guys the little gift that I received.

Strawberry flavoured lube

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like flavoured lube, can’t wait to try it 😋.

57 sex positions book

I’m an avid reader and a good student. Therefore I ought to put such knowledge to practice.

Vanilla massage oil

So much fun will be had with this! Could imagine my body glazed with this oil or seeing it glistening on my partner’s skin (I’m single but couldn’t find a better word 😅)

Mini vibrator – we call him James

I give all my sex toys names so let’s welcome James, was gonna try him tonight but he needs a battery 😪 such a downer but regardless I’m happy to have him.

Some interesting positions from the book.

Some of these will need a very strong core but they look interesting. Definitely a fun way to spice up in the bedroom.

Anyway, thought I’d share. Xx

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