That sound, that wetness, that warmth 💦

It’s a teasing game, caressing my pussy awakening it from its lumber. Let my fingers touch and massage the outside of my pussy. slowly alert it of the fun we await.

Then gently part the lips, reach for the clit. Run my finger down my slit, gently and softly. Sending a pulse through my body, as my pond fills up.

She is shaved, exfoliated, oiled, and soft.

To taste the waters I slid my finger into my pussy. It’s the warmth that wraps around my finger, the juices that glaze my finger but mostly it’s the sound it makes when my finger enters. How it wraps around it, hold it nice and tight.

Inviting. Slippery. Wet.

That alone, could send me to the finish line but not too early before I enjoy it more,

From one finger to two, massage my clit as I fuck my self with my fingers. get more aroused by the sound of my fingers diving in and out of my pussy.

I feel my it dripping wanting more, more power more girth more attention.

I slip fingers out and put them in my mouth, suck on them as if I was tasting myself on your cock.

Insert them into me again, pull them out all glazed again, rub the juices on my pussy as I tend to my wanton clit.

Slowly and slowly I reach the body shaking ending. The closer I get the harder I want to be fucked, where even the pace and girth of my fingers is not giving me what I need.

I need you, balls deep in these walls

But it’s that sound, that warmth, that wetness that really has my body losing control.

If anything it makes me imagine you, pounding this pussy, owning this pussy, your cock branding this pussy yours

And just like that, a rippling hot and gushy orgasm hits me, knocking me breathless.

It’s that sound, that warmth, that wetness.

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