So I have been talking to this guy online. We talk a lot and sometimes even ring each other.

However, when he tells me he is horny I completely run out of things to say and it annoys me because I am am an erotic writer and usually because the people I talk to are of the same intellect and they are some kind of writers so they get my erotica but I once sent something to him and he laughed and that just made me get a serious block every time I try to write something sexy.

It’s shit!

It’s shit cause I like him but I can’t be completely myself. I feel like if I throw in a cheeky line he is gonna laugh.

I don’t even know what to do lol 😂

3 thoughts on “Frustrated

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  1. I feel your frustration here… I can’t offer much except to say do what you feel you have to – forget his laughing and make him realise your worth 🙂


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