What’s going on in there?


You want the truth? But which part is the truth? Just because I tell you what’s going on in here, in my mind, in my heart, in my body; what determines that what I tell you is really true?

My body language? The way my voice could possibly become thin and crack, expose what is really going on in here?

Is it your eyes? Your eyes, can they see the truth in my words? Are they that magical? Last I thought we are simply human, and not even the holy bible is strong enough to hinder us from lying. And your naked eye is as flawed as you are, therefore it cannot always register the colour of my truths and my lies.

Is it the shape of my words? The shape of my mouth and how you see the shape of the words, the syllables in the air, how your brain receives them and calculates the amount of truth in them?

What’s going on in there? Inside that head, deep inside that brain, what’s the truth about how you feel about me? Should I tell you my truth? My truth is that only I know the real truth about me and only you know the truth about you.

What you say will always be delivered either with or without the confidence of truth but still carry a percentage of a lie. Not because it’s a lie but because nothing really guarantees that what you tell me is true and you saying ‘I am telling you the truth’ only proves that only you know the truth because those words only make me believe there is a percentage of a lie in your truth.

It’s confusing right?

In simple terms. You don’t know anything. All you know is your truth, the rest is assumptions and theories. Of course that’s arguable because the ‘truth’ has been a debate for a long time.

Your truth is not my truth. What you believe is true, may not be true to me.

Only I know how I feel. Only I know what is going on in here, in my mind, in my heart, in my body. And that’s my truth. It’s up to you to believe it or not.

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  1. I think there is a “truth” in terms of physical reality though it can’t be known completely nor with certainty. But that is actually a positive as explanatory knowledge must continually be created and wonder doesn’t stagnate.

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