The shower can’t handle this

I had no idea you were coming to my flat. I was in the shower and heard the door open. I stoped the shower for a second as my heart leaped and raced against my thoughts.

‘Babe’ your deep melifluos voice calmed the storm. I called for you in the shower. Exited, you walked in stripping each cloth one by one. Needn’t to ask to join, you opened the shower stall and came inside.

Your hands immediately grabbed my waist, your tall figure leaning down to press your lips with mine. You kissed me hard and gentle at the same time, a tease and a promise at the same time.

You shut the shower stall glass door continued to kiss me. Your cock was already probing me on my abdomen. Your hair was getting drenched in the shower, clearly you’d missed me as much as I’d missed you.

You stopped for a second rubbing water out of your face. “How was Spain?” I ask. I moan in fact, as your hand is already reaching for the forbidden fruit. “Wasn’t as good as it was when we went together” you whisper as your finger finds my clit and begin to caress.

You stifle my moan with your lips, prohibiting me from breathing. All I can breathe is you and I missed you so much.

The shower stall steams up, it is small and cubic. Two people can barely stand or even fuck in it besides, you are tall broad and Herculean built and I am a curvy girl.

You continue to massage my clit while you bless my mouth with wet and sloppy kisses, tongue and saliva mixing into one. Your taste and mine becoming one, your lips and mine marrying and moving together.

You grab my leg and spread it, I stand on my toes and lean my hip on you for balance and also as sign of an invitation because I want you, I am wet for you and I have missed you.

You stroke your cock for a second and rub the tip across my clit before you slide down to my slit. You ease yourself in gently as though you know I need to adjust to your thick girth. I wrap you tight with each inch you ease into me. I move with you as you move in and out of me.

You moan increasing the momentum and the strength of each thrust. I feel it knock so deep inside, I feel as though you will reach for myself. The shower can handle the sound of our skin slapping into each other, it can not hinder the loud moans.

You press your forehead with mine and leer into my eyes with deep lust and arousal, we don’t blink we don’t move we just fuck. Hard fast and deep. Slam into me like you thought you’d never have the chance.

You reach for my clit and start rubbing, you rub so ferociously that I can’t even moan or make a sound, I am holding my breath so that I don’t wash you with my squirt but you don’t stop and you don’t ease.

My pussy quivers, become wetter and wetter, until I explode and you hold me in your arm as the orgasm ripples lividly across my body. Seeing me pulsing conjured your climax, you slip your cock out and squirt your load on my stomach. I stroke you harder and squeeze your nectar, leave you empty.

I lick cum that drizzled on my hand while I was stroking you.

“Fuck” you curse immediately yanking my head to your mouth and kissing me so hard, sweeping your nectar out of my mouth and sharing it back with me.

“You trying to drive me crazy?” You nutter cause as unbelievable as it is, I have made you hard again.

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