Come in my mouth

Come in to my mouth

Lay back and let me quench my thirst with your vine

Touch you with immense adulation, feel you grow inside my grip. Let me stroke your hard cock from the root to the tip. Lay it flat on your stomach and lick the vein while our eyes dare not disconnect.

Let me torment you with my fingers, like you did with my mind all day,

Run them gentle as feathers up your hard cock.

Worship you for you have chose me to love

Let me put you in my mouth and suck your living soul through your hard and turgid cock

Baby you’re this hard for me, the thought has me dripping, I enjoy seeing you lose your mind every second I slurp around your cock, every second I suck on your cock, every second I flick my tongue rapidly on the tip, and every second I lick all your nectar dry from your vine.

I ought to please you tonight. I want you host you in my mouth, let you fill me up till I can only breath your scent, let my mouth salivate around you until I drip onto your skin. Let me feel you deep in my throat that all I can do is moan.

I want all of you

I suffer an inexplicably unquenchable Desire for you

The unconquerable hunger for you

The unpredictable thought that loom in my mind every time I think of you,

How I will kiss every part of your cock with my lips, graze them up and down your shaft, let them recognise every bit of you, how I will lick you dry before I salivate all over you, how I will drive you into my mouth like you will pull my soul with you, how my nipples get so hard when I see you gratified, how my pussy soaks when I taste the first load of your nectar, how I want it to be all I taste in my mouth.

Come into my mouth

Let me drink from you, baby

Let me taste only you all day and night

Savour all of you

Let me please you, baby

Come into my mouth.

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