so Vague

I am not only aroused by your nakedness, I am aroused by the images of you undressed which makes no sense but bare with me.

You have no idea how many time’s I have striped you naked in my mind. How your skin makes my lips pulse and how my hands crave the feeling of imperfections that feel so perfect. My eyes never ceased to caress your pants, on the waist line, making out the lines of your… Of your skin, your cock, your length your girth, inside me.

There is a vision in my head. It comes and goes, it’s unpremeditated, never timid but always eliciting moist in my knickers, a pulse in my lips, a thirst in my mouth.

The vision… are you interested? Do you want to know? It’s always so vague, I have to slap my mind to shake it off because it’s so incessant and yet so pleasurable. Naughty.

The vision… slurping and kissing, licking and sucking, grabbing and squeezing. In and out of my mouth. Lips and girth married, tongue and skin in love, mouth and length luscious, taste and juices dripping, eyes staring up at yours tears cascading, no pain but pleasure,

The vision; the feeling so vague; excited and horny, sliding in silky, yes moans and whispers glamourising the air, tight … wrapped so tight, fuck mmmm it’s so good a rollercoaster.

It’s a vision is so vague but clearly I am wet.

Photocredits: from instagram

First one: @art_sex_music and @perfectformen

Second: @art_sex_music


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  1. And clearly baby, you have made me want this vision, too. Seductive and sensual. Vague but perfectly clear – when two bodies make it happen. 😉

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