i want to be naked

I want to be naked Be Free of everything that hides my true beauty Be who I am But who am I? An invisible line between existence and oblivion , The grey cloud on a bright blue sky ~ I want to extricate myself from me Be bold Be everything I ought I am Draw... Continue Reading →


a car ride in the dark

Hush in the night, in the car, in the dark The owls and the trees and the flowers have been blinded by the dark, Out in the midst of the trees, it's a meadow, You are the night sky for the moon that's shines for our sight You eyes gleam lust, you want me bad,... Continue Reading →

the Strip meal

Let's play a game. We take our clothes off with every meal we eat tonight and the outcome of the game is no one is allowed to touch the other, we'll watch tv - Mr and Mrs Smith tonight. I have cooked. A three course meal. The rule is we wear very simple. And we... Continue Reading →

sunday 11th; mothers Day

At twelve midnight I felt him slide into the sheets. Like many time's he had stayed till late at Work - the perks of running a multi-million business. We women who marry these moguls we appear Happy materialistically but really we spend days and nights hopping to see our husbands walk in before dark. I... Continue Reading →

a touch

Eyes onto yours, my body free from any boundaries, a night - dark and quiet, awaiting the melodies inspired by the throes of pleasure, almost like a reminiscence, a touch; like a serpent under my skin. you arouse sinful thoughts, my skin crawls with affection - want - touch. You see but you don't touch,... Continue Reading →

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