My seductress

I will tell you a story about the first time I ever masturbated. I wasn't too young in my opinion, I was actually 15 and getting into my 16th year. I was being bullied at school, I was writing the story and I was battling emotional eating and many more problems in my life. I... Continue Reading →


the bling on my tits

So its happening. it has to. For all my life I have been a well calculated person. I think ahead as much as I reflect on the past. I calculate the possibilities and the probabilities, I prepare my room before I woke into it. I am a well calculated person but also, a very good... Continue Reading →

helping Mark get his wife back

Mark and I had been talking over the emails for some time. He was a genuine guy who was (un)fortunately still in love with a woman he married when he was young. I asked him why she's stopped loving him and he said she always blames it on her career and her workload. She comes... Continue Reading →

this One Man

There is a recurring series of pictures in my head. A vision I could say or something more transcendent than just a just a vision. Because I feel it. Not really feel it but I yearn for its reality. It's been haunting me for days, coming in different ways. One minute it's a dance against... Continue Reading →

After meeting each other a few times, they met again at a restaurant, had a chat and then departed to a hotel. She asked go into the bathroom to freshen up while he relaxed on the bed. Their thoughts mirrored each other. They'd never done anything like this, she was shy with a furious libido... Continue Reading →

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