the cigarette

For the cigarette, I watched you pull a box from your jeans, Snap it open and pull one out not so eagerly and yet not so gentle For the cigarette I watched you light it up, your lips grasping tight at it, your big hands lighting it up with a gold etched lighter, Cause of... Continue Reading →

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I’m coming back…

So I literally disappeared from this platform since December 2018 I think. Besides even last year I slowly and slowly stopped writing. Fact is I have been going through some challenges in life and now I am finally feeling inspired and ready to write some hot and sexy poems and scenes. I have been struggling... Continue Reading →

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This craving

A lustre burns between the layers of my skin Gripping and yearning for something you instil in me For your calloused hard working hands to touch deeper than just the surface Your lambert eyes to burn into mine For my body to be yours and yours mine, Your voice mine and mine yours For our... Continue Reading →

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Come in my mouth

Come in to my mouth Lay back and let me quench my thirst with your vine Touch you with immense adulation, feel you grow inside my grip. Let me stroke your hard cock from the root to the tip. Lay it flat on your stomach and lick the vein while our eyes dare not disconnect.... Continue Reading →

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One night: Chapter two

I was shaking. I was shivering and I was scared. I sat in my flat as I saw the clock tick, my palms getting sweaty my throat beating at my throat and my mind calculating the many reasons why I should probably start seeing a therapist or something because clearly, I am out of my... Continue Reading →


So I have been talking to this guy online. We talk a lot and sometimes even ring each other. However, when he tells me he is horny I completely run out of things to say and it annoys me because I am am an erotic writer and usually because the people I talk to are... Continue Reading →

A series of the word fuck

Do you wanna know just how fucked up life can be, or at least how it can really fucking suck at times? There's goes... So you wanna fuck somebody that won't fuck you or doesn't want to fuck you, which makes you feel unfuckable while you fully know there is someone who would die to... Continue Reading →


how do you feel shameful about something that makes you happy? why should i feel so forlorn just to please someone’s pride? - ¿Cómo te sientes avergonzado por algo que te hace feliz? ¿Por qué debería sentirme tan triste solo para complacer el orgullo de alguien?   Love. Northcliff ❤️

Do I really love you that much?

The bed and my chest should be inseparable, my fingers should grasp harder onto the sheets with each plough, My ass high and presented to you like a birthday cake, glazed by exotic oils reflecting your fire upon my golden skin, let your fingers dig into my skin as you drive me upon your vine,... Continue Reading →

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