Lovely gift – new sex toy

So as I said in my previous post get to know me, I now have a social media career that has introduced me to a lot of new brands and a lot of new things. I have recently worked with one of the best and well-known sex toy companies in the UK called lovehoney. I... Continue Reading →

Words I wanna hear

These describe how I feel sometimes. Let me know if you relate. Imagine these words whispered to you in the morning. The one four word sentence I wanna hear😏 Sometimes she needs a special kinda sit 🥵 And that’s on period. After a long tiresome day, this what I wanna come home to. A healing... Continue Reading →

Porn chronicles

Five years ago, when I started this blog, I was not into watching porn. I found satisfaction in reading erotica and writing it, however, over the course of these years I have enjoyed watching porn and to be honest, it works faster than reading a whole chapter only to be let down by a cliff... Continue Reading →

Let’s put a face to the words…

Get to know me a bit! I have been on this blog for almost five years but disabled and opened this one, surprisingly I managed to connect with people I’d connected with before. I don’t know if you have been curious about the face behind this blog but I thought I’d share. I have been... Continue Reading →

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