My pussy got ate | dear diary…

Dear erotic diary of a curvy girl Source: Instagram After a whole year of zero sexual encounters, I decided to loosen up and my enjoy my hot girl summer. I met the boy off Hinge the dating app, we talked almost nonstop and found we were a lot alike. Next thing we planned the date,... Continue Reading →

One night only: a moment of light

He looked me straight in the eyes, breathed me in as he caressed my skin. “I think I am addicted to your skin” he whispered watching the trail of his big hands on my skin. “It’s like velvet” he said, “so soft” he whispered as he leaned down to kiss it, and lather it with... Continue Reading →

Poem: Small things

Take my hand into yours, Entwine you're fingers with mine Hold me tight to your body as though you'll consume me Play with my hair, Caress my skin Kiss my flaws Whisper sweet nothings in my ears Remind me I am yours Tell me what you ought to do to me as the night comes,... Continue Reading →

One night only: a tit fuck

A couple of months had passed by. I’d left London and relocated to Manchester in pursuit of a new career choice plus I knew I would never ever get to be with James therefore there was nothing left for me. However I’d be dumb to not accept that, I was grateful of the courage I... Continue Reading →

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